Got a pool or spa? Lapeer Pool & Spa can help with repairs and maintenance.

Lapeer Pool & Spa offers complete computerized water testing for your pool or spa water, as well as the chemicals to maintain your water. Our service people can repair or install pumps, filters, heaters, liners, chlorinators, and repair circulation leaks. We also offer weekly pool service to maintain your pool for you as well as doing pool and spa openings and closings.

Liner Replacements:

We offer both In Ground and Above Ground liner replacements with an abundance of patterns and styles to choose from.  We can provide complete service on your liner replacement including refilling the pool with water! We book early for these services, so give us a call and schedule yours today.

Service Work:  

Need your filter replaced?  Got a leak in your plumbing?  Heater stopped working? We can help!  We offer replacements on equipment and can replumb your system to make pool life more enjoyable! 

Pool Opening:

Lapeer Pool & Spa offers a complete opening service for all types of pools and spas, including ingrounds and above grounds. Our basic service includes pumping off and removing the pool cover, reinstalling ladders, handrails, diving boards, and lights, as well as putting the pump and filter back together and starting it up. This service also includes stabilizing the water chemistry and "shocking" the pool for the first time. In the event a customer wishes water to be trucked in, we can also make those arrangements.

Pool Closing:

Pool closing is also offered at Lapeer Pool & Spa.  A closing includes lowering the water level to the winter level, removing diving boards, ladders, handrails, and "shocking" the pool for the winter. All lines are drained and anti-freeze is added. Pumps and filters are also drained. The pool is then covered for the winter. We recommend customers schedule their openings at least 60 days in advance.