Above Ground Swimming Pools

Summer Serenade Above Ground Pool

Summer Serenade Above Ground Pool

Lomart Summer Serenade

Summer Serenade combines a beige brushed wall pattern with light brown top rails and verticals. This pool has a 52" wall and 7" top rails and 7" verticals along with a 25-year warranty. The liner is a 20 mil full-print premium liner.

Lomart Whispering Wind Above Ground Pool

Lomart Whispering Wind

Whispering Wind combines a beautiful cream colored frame with Monet-styled, City Lights taupe colored wall pattern in a 52" wall height. This pool has an 8" top rail and 8" vertical posts and is sold with a beautiful 20 mil full-print liner. The Whispering Wind has a 30-year warranty.


SharkLine Reprieve

20-year warranty, 6” Top Rail, and 4 ½” verticals.

Heritage 52”

SharkLine Heritage 52”

30-year warranty, 7” top rail and 6” verticals.

Heritage 54”

SharkLine Heritage 54”

30-year warranty, 7” top rails and 6 ½” verticals.